Back! What's changed?

Hey everyone, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted. Reason being, depression. Anyways, whats changed in the forum and community since I’ve been gone? :smiley: Nice to see many new members

you know me from nxtasy and thenxtstep :smiley: im a new member here. And I am planning on getting a rc starter set sometime or a dual rc/autonomous starter pack and then buying some extra sensors and motors sometime :smiley: not now though.

Well… the product page is different… we have some new parts such as the accelerometer, and… I think that’s it.:smiley:

Glad to have you back…

I have really been out of Vex for months too… A little FRC, and a lot of not feeling very well…

Nice to have you back.

Something you might have missed is a new country has joined the Vex family.

New Zealand has just had it’s first Vex regional and will be sending three teams? to the World’s.

There is now a New Zealand sub-forum under the international section in community on this board.

In the new 2009/10 season we hope to have more regionals and get more schools involved.

Vex is also meant to be releasing some more new products but I think this won’t be until after World’s so everyone has a chance to get them for the new season.

I don’t know what else is new as I only joined last year.

Four teams from NZ, not three:
Westlake Girls