This is probably the dumbest question I have asked but what is the black sheet that some people use on the back of their tilter’s called?

And what would be a good substitute for it if you don’t have access to it?

A lot of teams use lexan on the back of their trays.

But you can only use a certain amount:

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Most people use polycarbonate(lexan) and any non-shattering plastic is allowed(R9). My team ordered this one from amazon:



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Some teams use the flags from TP

Ok. How do you attach lexan to the back of your tray?

I thought of that but my team might not have enough flags.

A lot of people use zip ties as a better option, but you use screws and countersinks so they’re tucked in.

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DO you atttaxh Lexan to the back of your tray with glue or something?


Robosource has black haircell-pattern ABS, which would be legal, too.

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Actually you should start looking into how teams use lexan/polycarbonate. It is one of the most powerful resources we have, because its is one of the few items that has all of these wonderful features:

  • Easily cut (hand saw, rotary saw, scroll saw, band saw, pure concentrated power of will)
  • Easily drilled to put any screw or shaft anywhere you need it
  • Basically a bearing as needed, like for supporting the outside of a cantilevered gear/wheel
  • Low friction
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be permanently bent with heat, bent into an arc, or used as a bit of a leaf spring
  • Can form the longest single structural component in the game The entire 24" sheet can fit diagonally in the 18"^3 space the robot occupies.
  • Is clear (Looking at you vision sensor)
  • and more

If you have a CNC router/engraver you can have the plastic cut to very low tolerances, but otherwise it is as useful to well funded teams as it is to poorly funded teams. It is a great equalizer.

All Hail Polycarbonate!


Any other alternatives?

If you are looking for a cheap back for your tray you can use zipties. Alternates to polycarbonate include ABS Plastic which is easier to cut(You can use a box knife with a straight edge to cut it).