Backwards field

I found these finals matches and I believe that the field is backwards. (Red is where blue should be, and blue is where red should be). Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks backwards to me.

Was any one at this tournament on these forums? If so, where the fields backwards?

All I’m asking is if anyone has more information than I do.

EDIT: this link isn’t working, further down the thread is a working link

Well the link just takes me to the Youtube Homepage so I don’t know.

Some venues mirror the fields and we have not seen anything saying that cannot be done. That is why we changed the menu on our LCD from red/blue to left/right.

Ok, thanks:)

I saw it, and I wasn’t sure. I guess I’ll have to remember that in case we run into that at a tournament. Thank you for your help.

I’ll try to fix that, some times when I post links they don’t work. I’ll see what went wrong this time.

Nope, still doesn’t work

This link is working.

Ok It’s Working Now
I think the field is fine because the field is the same whether each side your on

Ok thanks!:slight_smile:

In the background you can see that the other field is set up the right way

The colors need to be on the right sides because that’s how they’re defined in the rules! There field diagrams are very specific about the side the colors are on.

This is wrong. For example, a team might have a color sensor detect what color tile they are on. The field is not the same on both sides; it is mirrored.

It is also confusing because most teams label their automous “red/blue.” While I’m not saying it would be a big deal to switch to “left/right,” it’s still wrong and confusing.

I think Daniel is absolutely correct. The field is mirrored and as such, should always be set up in the same way, according to the field diagrams.

The good news is, swapping the sides is not difficult. You could just swap the tiles, and unscrew the hanging bars.

This could be extremely confusing to teams.

Yes Appendix A has clear set-up instructions.

This would mess up teams because, we put our robot on th field, mindless select the correct autonomous for that tile, and the robot goes.

We obviously can’t do any thing about that tournament, but now I’m wondering what to do if we run into this at a tournament we are going to.

I would say inform the referees or the person running the event, and describe why it should be fixed (autonomous confusion mostly). They should agree to fix it, but if they are running behind they may not. In that case there isn’t much you can do.

I was at a competition with that problem. Somebody informed the event director, and as I was on in the next match for that field, we helped them swap the tiles in under 2 minutes. I think in most situations informing someone involved with running the event is the best thing to do so they can make the appropriate decision and if nothing else, know to do it right the next competition they host.

Thank you everybody for your help, and clearing that up.

Hopefully this will help teams know what to do, and I appreciate your help.:slight_smile:

Haha yep. We participated in this tournament, and had to remember the switch every time we selected autonomous on that field.

We had told the head ref and the organizer of the issue before everything began, but because their equipment had crapped out on them early in the day, (which delayed everything almost 2 hours!) I guess they had more pressing matters to deal with. Since this tournament we haven’t had any similar issues, which is nice haha

That makes sense that it was still that way in the finals then.