Bad hinges

Hello everyone! I ordered some hinges from vex, and they are really hard to move. They take a lot of force to open, move, and close. Attached is a video of how difficult they are to move. I was wondering if there is a solution to this(grease?) Or if I should get some new ones. Thank you!

I’m not sure, but if you could a good amount of time before the tournament use WD-40 to smooth it out. Make sure it dries up before the tournament, but it should be it move better.

I have some non-aerosol based lithium grease, but it seems hard to access the hinge

Usually those hinges are pretty loose. We have dozens in our stock, all free moving. The one you have probably got bent, perhaps during shipping.

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I would highly suggest avoiding the use of WD-40 as they tend to become rather more sticky over time. Ironically, many call WD-40 a “De-Lubricant” for this reason. If I were you, I would suggest using white lithium grease as it is more robust and lasts longer.

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I have this, as it is a non-aerosol based lubricant. I am just wondering where to put it?

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Some of our new hinges were like, but none to that degree.

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If you look in the sides of the hinges, you can see the ends of the pins. If you put the nozzle on one of the ends and squeeze the bottle you should hopefully be able to get some white lithium inside of the pin housing. In addition, you can try to squeeze some between the hinge weaves as well. It is not gonna be clean, and it will be a bit messy, so make sure to have a paper towel or napkin :wink:


Note: I am using Aerosol Based grease from my garage as an example, so this grease is NOT legal. But I wanted to use it to show example of what to do (PS rip carpet).


We had this same issue with our new hinges. Upon closer examination one of our members found that they are produced differently. The edges of the hinge are crimped down. I am guessing this was done to prevent sliding, but it had rendered the hinges useless to us, and we had to use the older ones.

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