Bad Ref Calls

Have you ever been the recipient of or seen a bad ref call? What happened? How did you get it fixed?

Watching the recent Mexico signature event has made me realize that some refs just don’t care about endgame DQs.


not a bad call, but at a recent FL event, the refs were semi uneducated on the rules. teams participating had to fix ref scoring.


Doesn’t surprise me tbh


Our autonomous hovered over the autonomous line (crossed the plane, but didnt touch the tiles). The ref called us out for it, and gave it to the other alliance. We contested the score at the end of the match, showed the ref (rule clearly stating that you must touch tiles on the other side of the line) and he still said that it didnt matter and he made the call. My entire team had to go back to the pits to cool off because we were MAD! We then took it up with the tournament host, who told us it couldn’t be changed because we were out of our three-match window to get a score changed, but we would never be called out for violations of if we didn’t violate that rule. We also believe that our coach ended up talking to the tournament host before us, so that probably helped.
In a later match, we were against one of our sister teams and we ended up bumping into eachother, but not violating . The ref called us both out. Our team was too mad and tired to fight it, but our coach and sister team both fought it again, but I don’t remember the outcome.


Tipping point worlds dome head ref at Great Lakes 2 allowing a 5in flywheel to compete after the inspection error was pointed out clearly. Clear violation and disregard of the game manual (rule R3, point E).


Last year during the tipping point, the refs didn’t see the other team shove a goal up under our platform in the last 45 seconds or so. We were gonna lose that match, and our number 4 ranking if we lost.

One of our teammates loves debating. Let’s just say the refs were convinced that they shoved it under there, and our teammates watched it happen.

We went on to win that tournament.


we were pinned starting at 12 seconds, but the ref didnt see it until within 10. This was in a finals match, and prevented us from expanding. We lost by 30. Unfortunately, nothing was done, or could be done. It’s really frustrating, but as a ref there’s really nothing you can do. if you don’t see it you cant do anything, the only improvement I’d make is having more than one ref who knows the rules and can call things as they see them.

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You are allowed to be pinned starting at ~14 seconds until endgame, because in endgame pinning doesn’t count.
What they did wasn’t illegal


Note that the game manual says pinning is allowed only when it is started in endgame:

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 9.30.19 AM

If a robot was to be pinned at 14 seconds left, it would still count. Pins don’t just go away when endgame starts.

The ref in this case I believe made an honest mistake and didn’t see the trapping or something.


According to the rules, pinning is only legal that STARTS in the endgame, meaning the reff should have called. See .

I see, at every competition I’ve attended refs allowed trapping starting slightly before the endgame.

The ref call I have seen especially at Speedway is the position call.

At our last tournament the other teams endgame string got stuck in our drivetrain but there was a small piece extending out of our bot so the refs told us that we cannot move because we were out of the 18x18x18 cube. Is that the right call?

That is the right call, since you are technically outside of the 18x18x18 cube, even if it fell out of your storage

I think so
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The ref at my tournament DQed anyone who touched another robot.


We had a ref consistently count someone down from 5 seconds for holding 4 discs. Not scoring or shooting, just having for discs and trying to get it out. DQ’d them if they couldn’t, which I believe isn’t how the rules of 4 discs works?


15 second pin b4 endgame didnt count it as a dq because we were next to a roller. There was plenty pf room to get the roller but they contineud to pin. Lost by 20 bc our endgame was blocked and we cpuldent get other rollerbc pin endgame probably woulda been enoughf