Bad Thread Titles

Maybe its just me, but I have noticed many more bad thread titles on the forum recently. Particularly bad are the “MY IDEA FOR STARSTRUCK -++)(u&” type ones. I have seen at least three of these and they tell you absolutely nothing about the thread’s content. The ideas range from “wow, I just realized that stars can fit under the fence. Let me announce to the world that this is the best strategy ever.” to some actually good ideas. However, it is pretty hard to distinguish between them, and both sorting the good from bad and re-finding threads is a lot harder. Could these people make some better titles in the future please.

The people that make these new threads obviously haven’t read other threads because they are restating ideas that other people have already brought up. What makes you think they will read this? :stuck_out_tongue:

If only everyone had eloquent titles like “Bad Thread Titles” leading to a page full of real content and starstruck information. Threads like this are more likely to discourage new/inexperienced people on the forums to contribute in the future.

Wow, you certainly read the fact that this is not posted under the starstruck category. Seems as though your post is just as vulnerable to removal :wink:

@Nerf_Tarmogoyf No, threads like this one are more likely to inform new/inexperienced users to what not to do on the forums.

Can this actually get included in the Forum Rules?

There should definitely be a way to report spam, at least