Ball and Net issues at Worlds

So since worlds is now officially less than a month away and teams are frantically practicing and tuning their strategies there are still questions that have not been answered.

How are the match load balls going to be stored for access to teams, are they going to be placed in the bags that they come with on the floor or are they going to be in an elevated box?

Also since the nets are prone to falling apart with just normal game play of robots shooting with high velocity and the connectors coming lose. Now that the nets are going to be above shoulder level are they going to be more secure or are refs going to be more keen on watching when the nets fall apart so they can be rapidly put back together?

Thanks for the questions. The REC Foundation has been evaluating options for these exact questions. At this time, teams should plan on having their match loads in the standard ball box (the box that the game objects are shipped in) or having them in the mesh bag that come with the game objects. No final determination beyond this has been made. We can confirm that we won’t be elevating game objects field-side.
On the topic of the nets, rest assured that we have a method of attachment that will reduce, or eliminate, nets coming apart at the connectors. As previously stated in this forum, damaged nets and balls will be repaired and replaced immediately throughout the duration of the event.
Most importantly, all of these items will be consistent throughout the event.