Ball breaking

How durable are the balls? I have seen some robots that “bat” the ball, will this lead to broken, deformed or less bouncy balls for the next match they are used in. Or premature failure for the next team using them even in a gentle manor. What experiences have others teams had?

The balls we have seem durable. None of them have broken.

The balls are strong enough not to be damaged by most robot mechanisms, unless your robot is designed to crush the balls they will be fine. @antichamber hit a ball with a large hammer several times and it was dented but it didn’t crack or break apart.

The balls do seem to peel after going through a flywheel repeatedly.

I’ve experienced this too. I would venture to say that by Nov-Dec we will have to replace our balls because of how bad the peeling will get

I have never had that issue working on my ri3d and I ran the same ball through the flywheel a good number of times.

I am willing to believe I just didnt shoot the ball enough times but I am also wondering if your design makes it more likely?

It’s possible that our design causes it to happen because of various factors like compression, flywheel speed, material, etc. These differences are probably responsible.

NBN balls peeled quite a bit… but it was of very different material as compared to this year.

This season’s balls are basically plastic. So unless there is something that is scratching or biting into the balls, else it is quite unlikely that it will peel.

I am in the same boat, using a double flywheel.
It leaves a bit of yellow on the wheels and you can see tiny streaks in the balls

Do any of you have pictures of these balls peeling. I’m having a hard time seeing how these plastic balls are peeling.

Thank you

i cant get the pic to work but it leaves a bit of yellow on the wheels and you can see SMALL streaks on the balls, its not like they are getting cut in half

I think you mean scuffs rather than literal peeling.

well, there is yellow on the flywheels so its tearing a small amount of ball away