Ball Contacting Tile

Does this count? I believe the bottom ball has to contact the tile for it & the balls on top to count. My teammates say otherwise. image

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so there should be a standoff to prevent this from happening. If the standoff was there the ball wouldn’t be able to go that far back.

so right now it doesnt since the field is wrong. (Edit- Im wrong on this part)

here is the update stating that.


Your teammates are right; the top balls meet the criteria of being scored and therefore are scored.


All balls are scored, but as mentioned the field is still set up wrong. They would still be scored when the field is correct, though


Aside from the corner goal not being correctly set up, please take a look at the definition of “scored” on page 10 of the game manual:

The definition gives some very specific criteria for scoring. If you meet the criteria as given in the game manual, then the balls are scored. We must be careful not to add or take away from the criteria listed. In this case, there is no requirement that the bottom ball be contacting the field tile as part of the definition of “scored.” Since all three criteria are met, the ball is scored.