Ball Densities at State?

For those who already competed in their home State Championship, I would just like to know what the ball densities were like? Thanks in advanced

The balls at the Georgia State Championship were almost all rock hard. There were a few that were still hard, but could be squeezed in a little bit.

All of these balls were brand new, and we had not ever practiced with any balls this hard before, so make sure you are prepared!

Thanks you! That helps a lot!

Our state championship did not use new balls, so you may want to ask someone coordinating the event. We had a variety, from super soft to hard. You should definitely test with a variety of densities.

My team tests with both the softest balls we can find and the hardest we can find. To make the hard ones extra hard, we freeze them for an hour before use. Seems to work for us.

We competed in the Nebraska/Iowa Heartland regionals and all of the balls were very hard with just a few softer exceptions. However throughout the tournament I found myself adjusting for ball density because they became softer throughout the day.