Ball End 5/64

There should be a ball end 5/64 my team run into countless situations where it would be extremely useful

Check Sears - I got mine from there.

Here is a complete set from Sears. I know they sell single units as well.

Do not try to overtighten screws with these - they can be damaged.

Why put the pressure on VEX? They have enough to worry about. Get it from McMaster Carr or some company who’s business is to sell tools. You’ll probably have access to better quality, and it might be cheaper as well. As for your specific request, here’s a place to look:

While I agree in general, it certainly is convienent for school-associated teams that have lots of paperwork to do to deal with authorized vendors, etc, to be able to get everything in one place, on the same Purchase Order, included in the same shipping costs.
If Vex sells rubberbands,
then why not tools, polycarbonate in 3 thicknesses, sheet metal and 6x6x1" plastic blocks for college teams, etc.

For non-ball end hex drivers, “hex-plus” keyword seems to fit tightly without stripping.

Yes, I certainly agree with that. Our team has had a nightmare of a time trying to get money from the school (that was given to the teams from sponsors). I’m just saying that VEX can’t be expected to offer the same level of service that bulk retailers do.