Ball intake

Anyone have ideas for intaking balls?

I was thinking of an NBN-style roller

Passive works really well.

How would you do a passive intake for balls?

The Rubber Band thing works quite well in my opinion and it doesn’t take much space.

@Fmaj7add9_ “The Rubber Band thing” doesn’t explain much.

but it describes it perfectly. If you want a specific there is the “Braided Goliath Intake” on youtube, or the normal version where it’s just straight rubberbands.

That requires a motor so it isn’t passive.

I mean the only real passive way is to have a funnel to a channel that leads directly to your shooter somehow. (Could use a conveyor if you want to but that would be a loss of a motor). That’s all I can think of. I didn’t mean to say it was passive, woops. The rubber band technique is the best in my opinion.

I can agree with that.

Well not completely, you could connect the intake with your shooter or what-have-you and use the same motor for both thus saving you an extra motor that you would’ve used for the individual systems.

The NBN roller intakes work great. The ball looks to be the same size as a Bank Shot ball, maybe a tad heavier.

I had my teams back then in IQ prototype a NBN roller for that ball, and it worked.

Does anyone have ideas as to how theyre gonna limit their intake so it only carries 2 balls?

only pick up two at a time

I don’t think only holding 2 will be an issue. In NbN no one really enforced the 4ball limit b/c no one’s robot was designed to hold drastically more than that, so it was never an issue. Also, as long as you quickly spit out any extra balls, you’ll be fine. In ITZ no one really violated SG9 b/c everyone knew to get rid of an extra cone asap.

It’d be nice if there was a time limit for more than 2 balls, for example you could hold 5 for less than 15 seconds.

I was thinking of a FRC Power Up kind of intake.

Which was a modified roller.

Because what works well in most games? Rollers.

In nothing but net there were so many balls on the field so no one cared too much if someone accidentally grabbed more than four, however in this game there are only 20 balls making it much more obvious to see if one robot has more than two

Yes but ball starvation will never be a thing b/c they are returned to gameplay. I’m not saying you can or should possess more than 2, I’m just saying that designing your intake to only hold two isn’t necessary. I’d much rather focus on quickly and consistently grabbing them.