Ball Launcher Mechanism Gear Trains

I feel like there isn’t enough clear images of launching mechanisms out there for people to see. Theres tons of different mechanisms that can be built, flywheel, slipgear, catapult, i even have an idea for a lead screw puncher ive been conceptualising. can i just get some ideas of what you guys know works, what you hzve on your robots now. inspiration.

The best place for finding good robots is to either look up “vex turning point” on YouTube, or going to a competition and asking some of the top teams about their design. Also, the best way to learn a design is to just build it. Your first iteration might not be great, but every subsequent iteration will only get better.

Best of Luck

There is a lot of good mechanisms that can be used from nbn, and there is tons of nbn robot videos.

I’m confused about your question.

There are plenty of high quality videos and pictures from this season and Nothing But Net to gain inspiration from. People aren’t going to show you how to build their robot.

Please elaborate what you’re looking for, exactly. Gear trains will depend on design and build.