Ball Launcher : Puncher

I’m trying to find out all the types of puncher’s ( if their are more than two) because i want to see all the options before me any and all help is wanted. I am also looking for any real specific reason to use a puncher because I’m have a hard time finding a straight forward answer.

Punchers are really easy to build, partially because of 574C’s spectacular tutorial. They also can be very consistent with lots of power.

Traditional punchers are linear, but “kickers” could also be classified as a form of puncher.

To come up with all of the types of punchers, we first need to define it. To me, a puncher is “A type of shooting mechanism wherein a striking surface is pulled back slowly and released suddenly, traveling some distance before actually striking the shooting object.”


I’ve seen normal linear punchers, double loading punchers, things like the kickers, sort of rotary punchers, and a sort of morph between a catapult and a puncher, where the ball is punched by the catapult.

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The kickers and the catapult/puncher are the same thing I believe.

To add to the list their are also double punchers, which can be very dangerous.

Yeah, the hybrid is just an upside down kicker.

There are two punchers side by side, and also punchers that shoot two balls at once, either stacked or two punchers chained together.

The double punchers can be pretty devastating. They have the double shots of a 2BC and the single shots of any normal puncher. It is very driver oriented on how fast you want to shoot.