Ball Launcher Test and Thoughts About Launching Methods

LoadBuildOptionsVexCortex.h line 96

#undef	bHasFloatDuringInactivePWM

I think its important to remember that the motor values don’t brake immediately. Only thing that happens at the end of the match that happens is that the motors can’t receive more power from the cortex. so they will still turn the motors and slow down at their own pace

Is the “reverse” current created by moving the motors manually a concern during the wind down period? Also it seems like the more the motors are moved manually the “looser” they seem to get (more play/slop). Is this accurate or not. If so, anyone using this should make the motors easily/quickly replicable/serviceable.

Our club just built a high rpm launcher with 2 wheels side by side and it launches a ball that is very similar to a NBN ball farther than a field length

Are you willing to share any details about the number of motors used, gearing, or time it took for the wheel to get back to the desired speed?

Do you have a picture of it or could you describe what your gear ratios are to it? Does it use a barrel? All questions to find out the best way to implement this idea in anyone’s robot. :slight_smile:

I am currently making a cad of it. Don’t know when it will be done but I will keep you guys updated

Similar to our idea, you need to work on speed!!!

I don’t think Pneumatics are the answer for this game as you wont get enough shots with good power.

Could you please explain how you would use a cam (and what is a cam) and elastic to launch a ball?

I’m still kind of new to Vex and learning the ropes so im sorry if this question sounds stupid :o

Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

A cam and follower are generally non-circular shapes on a spinning shaft. Most famous cam is in your car controlling the valves to let the air in and out of the cylinders. (dual overhead cam sound familiar?)

This is the cam. See the nautilus shape? You run a follower along it and it will go out as it traverses the path of the outer edge of the cam. When it goes over the cliff, you can have the follower make a sudden movement like release a launcher.

Here is a video of the Vex cam and follower in action

Thanks for giving me and explanation.
I understand how it works now! :slight_smile:

We will be wearing safety goggles in all future videos involving launchers. Given the amount of potential energy being stored in the flywheels and then imparted to the balls over such a short period of time, this activity is inherently more dangerous than some of the previous Vex games. It may not seem like it in the video, but we were pretty scared of this machine and very careful with it. I cannot stress enough how vigilant students should be experimenting with prototyping this style of launcher.