Ball placement

So, today we had a chance to try placing the balls on the field. Yes, you guessed right, the balls were all around the place. I was unable to make the balls stay in place even on flat level surface. How are we supposed to set the fields up in at least a little consistent manner?
This worries me not only as a mentor. Our school plans to host a tournament and a league day so I may end up being the guy trying to keep the balls in place before each match starts…

Stay tuned. We’re making some minor changes to the field to address this issue. These changes will be announced as part of the June 15th manual update. The locations of the balls will not be changing, however we are adding some VEX IQ beams to help keep the balls in their starting locations.

Interesting. Without knowing details, that will very likely make the challenge of collecting balls more difficult… (which I think is good)


Hi Steve,

The change is very minimal. I can safely say it would have little to no impact on my design if I were building a robot for this game. Our goal here was to impact the game as little as possible, while making field reset much easier.

The game elements kit came with some white pieces that were not included in the instructions. I think this is what they are used for.

To the naked eye our field seemed level, but without those pieces in place all the balls slowly rolled into one corner of the field.

For Add It Up one of the popular ball pickup designs was a scoop that slid against the floor of the field. These ball holder pieces will make that design more challenging.


If the picture is correct (as I suspect), I’ll stick by my original statement, the challenge will be more difficult.

I’m sure there are many designs that will work, but also many that NOW won’t. I’m NOT complaining. It’s the same challenge for everyone, and I think it looks good.


Full details on these changes can be found in the newly updated Appendix A.

Question about rule <G8>: In a match at the World Championship, after time ran out, the teams put down their controllers, and (as sometimes happens with un-calibrated robots/controllers) one robot continued to move, slowly. After a second or two, the robot ran into, and knocked over a tower. The teams did not get credit for that tower.

Is that how it should be scored? That was "Un-scoring that took place after the match due to Robots continuing to drive after the Match "

I want to know what to tell the drivers in the future.

The Highrise should have been counted as its state and corresponding score was altered after the Match.