Ball Puncher Loader Support

We are using the “Puncher” idea for this year’s game and we have WAY over-complicated the method to load our ball launcher. Does anyone have suggestions or would be willing to share what they did?

Thanks again everyone

Just look on YouTube for robot reveals. They’re everywhere by now.

Some teams have loaded them from the side using downward inclining ramps, some have loaded from the end if they can change their angle. If they can’t I’ve seen top-loading, which seems like a bit much. The side seems to be pretty popular.

To prevent using too much space horizontally or “left to right” on our robot we are top loading and in taking from the back because it was the easiest way we could think of. After building it we see some possible improvements to make but I would mainly just suggest using tank tread on sprockets to move the ball into your desired position.

creating drums with rubber bands being stretched out on sprockets in a vertical tower on one side of your robot can easily (and with only one motor) lift balls up to even the highest part of your robot. You can also use drums to flips caps