ball puncher

we have a ball puncher on our bot but we dont know how to make the ball go up because we dont have flaps for a flap intake

Everyone’s going to want pictures, so you might as well post them.

I take this to mean that you are having trouble transporting the balls up to your launcher. And that you can’t use the meta solution of conveyor belt because you don’t have any.

If you know about the conveyor belt thing, then I take it you are also aware of the rubber bands around sprockets thing. I’ve seen teams have a wall of those on one side of their robot as their intake, and then dropped the balls onto a ramp to roll down onto their puncher.

I have also seen a couple of teams actively have a claw that literally grabs balls and puts them onto their puncher. If you ask me, it’s a bit slow, but it does look really cool if you get it working.

Personally, I made the terrible decision to make my intake double as a mini-flywheel to launch the balls up to my puncher. It’s not as janky as it sounds, I promise.

Can we get pictures of that

I didn’t describe it very well, and I won’t have access to my robot for a couple of days. I plan on doing a full reveal at some point, so be on the look out for that in the upcoming months.

Pictures wouldn’t do it justice. It’s just a pretty fast rubber band intake with a ramp that resembles a flywheel hood. I can DM you a vid later when I actually get to my robot if you want, but I have a kind of unique launcher that I don’t really want to show off until I get it working well. It kind of fails currently. It’s not quite a puncher, but I used the catapult slipgear thing to act as… well… now I’m just being confusing.

here is my bot

I’ll just wait for the reveal. Sounds pretty cool though.

Yeah, I think having a wall of your intakes off to one side of your robot is the best bet. At the top of the wall, build a ramp for the ball to roll onto your puncher. At least that’s how I would do it.

Thank you for the pic. Here are some suggestions.

On your puncher, I am guessing you are having issues with the motors having enough power to pull it back over and over again without burning out if you have enough rubber bands to launch the ball with enough power to turn flags. Look into gear reduction.

On the first stage of your intake, get rid of the leg wheels. Just have sprockets with rubber bands going from one to the other. Have it up off the ground enough the tha ball can get started under it but close enough too the ground that the ball will not roll freely.

Have something that the ball will be pressed against as it is lifted up to your puncher.

Good luck.

We just have a ramp going from our intake downwards to the puncher. our intake is just those tank tracks things with the rubber flaps in them and a steel plate that we push the ball up against as it gets carried upwards and then rolls down to the piston gun and fires it

Are you using V5?

Is there a reason you’re using steel? Do you really need that much strength in the intake backing? Or was it just what you had?

just what we had. no real specific reason. im sure it would have worked just fine with aluminum.