Ball shooter

Hey guys, this is my first post, but I’ve visited the site every now and then.

Once when I was browsing the site, I saw a video a guy had posted of a ball shooter he made. It was a tall rectangular robot. I’m trying to build a ball shooter right now, and want to model mine after his. But the problem is I can’t find the thread where he posted his robot.

Anybody know what I’m talking about?


I typed “shooter” in to the Search Box and got this link. It might not be valid now, but you can do the same search…

Thanks for the reply Mark. I’ve been searching, and repeated the search you suggested, but I still can’t seem to find it. I remember the video the guy posted was really cool, and in it he had his dog chasing after the pingpong balls he shot. And he didn’t use an arm, his robot shot balls very rapidly.

Just a piece of advice, If you plan on shooting a ball by having it shot out by wheels spinning then you will most likly need a more powerful motor than the VEX ones. I made a shooter with this method and it took 8 motors to drive the gear reduction which was about 1:22. Even they didn’t fly very far, those were plastic golf balls.

But good luck with whatever you do.

An Advance Google Search of site for “YouTube shooter” found me the thread 5 new robots with this link to Long distance shooting robot.

Am I close???

Close enough :smiley:


( Yes!!! But no Dog.)

Your Welcome… Good luck in getting it to work…

i think u might be talking about my robot. heres it on my website:

and the video:

and the video:

I see the Dog!!! That looks like the description.

That’s it! Thanks MarkO, and cute dog ducttape.