Baltimore City Arms & Lifts

Baltimore City Arms & Lifts:

Teachers from Baltimore City have formed a peer learning community in order to learn more about robotics. This month we built arms and lifts.

This thread is for Baltimore City Teachers to post links to videos of their robots. Please do not post links if you are not a Baltimore City teacher.

Constructive comments are welcomed from anyone.

Here’s a simple rack and pinion lift we built:

(The link will be updated to teachertube tomorrow)

12t pinion to 36t, through axle to 36t to rack.
double sliders wide spread, powered only on one side. The gear multiplier setup is no different than 12t directly to rack, although 36t provides a different grip.
Did you try the 12t direct? any issues with it?

Extending the axle to the other slider, so that both sides are powered from the same axle will keep sliders from binding under load. See example: herman miller “flipper” shelf, which uses rack with common axle pinion gears to keep the flipper door from jamming sideways as it folds down.

Hi I have built a simple lift and was thinking about creating a conveyor for my arm but we don’t have enough tank tread. I like the lift but think I will double it for more stability and I think I will try a different solution for the arm that won’t require tread.

This is in the wrong thread, but here’s a short video of a conveyor we built:

This is our incomplete scissors lift