Baltimore City Robot Works - Drive Trains

Teachers from Baltimore City have formed a community for professional development in order to learn more about robotics. This month we built drive trains.

This thread is for Baltimore City teachers to post images of their drive trains. Please do not post images if you are not a Baltimore City teacher.

Constructive comments are welcomed from anyone.

Advanced drive train pic attached.
2012-10-31 19.50.26.jpg

Ok! here is my advanced drive. Im not sure how advanced it is- but it moves.
One of the motors makes a high pitched whining sound-- I will bring it to class, but if I were making it for competion I would do it differently.
2012-11-06 17.54.46.jpg
2012-11-06 17.54.23.jpg
2012-11-06 15.05.05.jpg
2012-11-06 14.00.29.jpg

Here is our advanced drive train.

Here’s my “advanced” drive train.

  • Jonathan Guevarra

Here is the Tank Drive from Baltimore IT Academy
Have a good week
nov 8 (3).jpg
nov 8 (1).jpg

Here is the drive train assignment. C. Hinmon