Bamboo NBN goal

Hey everyone! I just thought I would share this goal that we made for the upcoming NBN competition to practice since we don’t have the real goals to practice with yet. It is made from bamboo, screws and duct tape and is approximately the same size as the real goals. It may be a good low cost option for teams wanting to practice over the summer. Let me know if you all have any questions!

Good thing there is some bamboo growing up the street on the side of the road. Your goal looks very nice, and exotic! I would not have guessed that somebody would actually do this :slight_smile:

We used some 3/4" PVC and some quality time with the drill press. Where there’s a will, there’s a make-shift high-goal. Now for the netting…ideas?

I think you could use large garbage/leaf bags for the net. It would help keep you from shooting through the goal, and if you pull them tight enough, they should cause the balls to bounce like the actual net.

You might also be able to find large mesh netting at a local store.

You could also use cloth or some old fabric to make a netting.

Where can I find the dimensions of the goal?

in appendix A

Oh dear, I feared I’d get that link. Is there an easier model to replicate that is more accurate? :frowning:

If I get a chance tomorrow I’ll pull the dimensions out of the CAD and make a list of the lengths of each of the pieces, unless someone else beats me to it.

Thank you. I am making a prototype using BBQ skewers and paper and drafting tape right now and I am still finding no luck.

Update: I figured out the approximate dimensions. Kinda.

I guess I should have said that I spent a lot of quality time with Inventor trying to coax it into giving me the dimensions I wanted. Here are the lengths of PVC pipe I used.

117 cm for upright x 1
92 cm for bottom sides x 2
130 cm for bottom front x 1
102 cm for diagonal upright x 2
66 cm for top front x 1
52 cm for top sides x 2

These are not exact, but with the PVC and 2x4 joints it was close enough to work. I did not include the cross bracing because the PVC and 2x4 was strong enough. I don’t expect to be running any competitions with this goal; I just wanted to give my students something to aim for.

The critical part of our practice goals is the joints that I made out of 2x4 lumber. I cut squares out of the 2x4 and then used the drill press to drill the holes at the correct angles. I used a 1-1/16" diameter Forstner bit to fit snugly over the 3/4" PVC. I have the angles, but I find it hard to put into words how I did it. If anyone needs the angles, let me know and I will try to describe what I did.

Here are the dimensions from the CAD file I used to make this.

Wow. Thanks for those. :slight_smile:

I wish I was able to access Inventor files, let alone Inventor at home. I am jealous of everyone.

I actually started prototyping last night using BBQ skewers, as I mentioned before, and drafting tape (thank god for these) based on the dimensions given in Appendix A. I was pretty sucessful in my opinion. ( The main challenge in my opinion was getting the length diagonal uprights and the length of the top sides. From there, I yolo’d the angles.

Today I am 85% complete with the goal. All I need is to create the braces to give it more strength. I am poor and ghetto, so I used

8x .75x48 in wooden dowels from Home Depot
A LOT of drafting tape
Some laziness and a lot of assumptions

This is the almost completed product that I made in a few hours (

If only you came into my life sooner… I’d have a more accurate goal…

Here is a picture of the joint made out of 2 x 4. This is the simple one. The others were much more complicated and I would never do it this way without access to a drill press that can drill on angle in two planes at the same time.

All of the make-shift goals I’ve seen here look really good. At the end of the day, we just need something to give us an idea if we are getting close, and I’m glad to see that everyone is sharing. That’s what I love about this community. I think I like the resourcefulness and renewableness of the bamboo goal the best. After all, it was that that lured me out of lurker status into poster status.

I loathe all of you whole have access to tools like drill presses or even a decent computer. The entire time I was thinking: “Oh how easier would this be to make if I was in wood shop I had in my Junior High.”

All I had to use was a decrepit mitre box, a saw and a tape measure. :slight_smile:

aye yo u da real mvp Donnn:o:):wink: