Bang-Bang Help

We are using bang-bang to program a double flywheel system. We are having trouble with accuracy. The robot either shoots just above the net, or just below. We can’t figure out if it’s something in the program or in the mechanics. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to solve it?

I am willing to bet its the mechanics, probably due to to difference in ball squishiness. I am writing these steps in pseudocode format cuz im a nerd. Try these:
Shoot 1 ball over and over again to see if it is consistantly over, under, on target, or inconsistent.

If over, under, or on target:
It’s mechanics not code.
Reduce the compression rate and increase gearing. (i.e. 3:49 to 1:21)
If inconsistent :
Might be code

You should definitely try tightening everything down and make sure the flywheel is well built.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much. This was hugely helpful. This was exactly what we needed. If anyone else is having this issue, listen to Mr. Vex cause that was awesome advice.

I just want to add that you should remove the bang-bang program when shooting the one ball over and over to guarantee it is or isn’t the program. Set a motor speed for full court, and remember to wait a while for it to speed up between shots. Good luck :wink: Adjusting is tedious, but it is rewarding.