Bankshot G3 rule


Hope everything is well from your end.

I have a question regarding the VEX IQ general game rule G3 which states:
<G3> During the Match, Robots may not expand beyond the 13”x20” area they were limited to at the start of the Match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond the 15” height restriction they were limited to at the start of the Match.

So, my question what does expanding means ? what if during lifting of balls it’s overall dimension gets more than 20’’? does this consider as expanding?

Please refer to this video similar to the design my students want to apply.

As you see in the video, the robot design aims to put all the balls inside the goal. Through that, the robot expanded higher than it’s original tall. Also, it’s overall dimensions crossed the 20’’ height.

Looking forward for explaining if this considered a violation before my students apply similar design.


You should ask this on the VEX IQ Forum Official Q&A. This way you can get an official clarification from Karthik.

So it seems pretty obvious so me by the word area that the 13 by 20 size limit is for length /width and that height is never limited apart from the start of the match. The other thing I notice is that when robot raises it’s arm to score it looks like it is expanding to be too long. It seems like reaching over the entire wall means that the robot is well out of the size restrictions.