Where can I order banners for awards that we have won. I found one but I’m not sure if it still works or if there are any better companies that make banners for VEX. I attached the file I found.
VEX_BANNERS.pdf (270 KB)

That would be the official form from the current approved company. However, I would think they are meant to be ordered by the event partner running the event. I may be wrong, but the event partner for your state/regional championship has the option to order these as additional awards. I don’t believe that the intent is for individual teams to order them for themselves.

The order form for state/regional championship banners comes out close to those event dates (new year?) One year the EP ordered the banners for the teams, the two other years we ordered it ourselves. I would check with your State/Regional Event Partner for more details if you win one of the major awards at a state/regional championship event.

We’ve used Vistaprint. Especially with some of their coupons.

If you are looking for inexpensive banners check out
They are well priced without coupon, durable, but slowish on production/delivery time. Routinely they have “sales” which brings the price down.

We used this company for our event and club banners.