Bar Lift Not Lifting

When I press the 5U from the joystick it just goes up a little bit.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I would like for the bar to go up-up-up-up then lower it gently.

below is my video link, any suggestions?

I’m pretty sure it’s not a code problem. Steel is very heavy to lift for one 269 or 393 motor (I can’t tell from the video). I would recommend changing the channel to aluminum and see if that works.

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I think your motors are running in opposite directions. Why do you have a motor on the end of the chainbar?

The axles also look bent which can make additional friction.
You could also try linking up 2 393 motors instead of 1
Edit: 2 motors on the base of the chain bar.

Thanks for responding back. Actually, I was trying to do this:

Actually, I was trying to do this:

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