Bar-Shot Single Flywheels

Hey Everyone,
I like many others decided to utalize a linear puncher on my bot for full court, and a single flywheel for bar shots. I’m just interested in seeing what gear ratios everyone is using for bar shots, as there seems to be no unity.

I’ll go first:
2 Turbo Motors
7:1 Gear ratio
Single 4 inch flywheel.

Back in October I had a 4 motor bar shot dual flywheel with an 8:1 overall gear ratio.

21-1 2 motors

Can shoot from a little past 1/2 field at 127 with a very high angle with 2 5 inch wheels

Single 5 inch wheel, about 8:1 ratio, 2 turbo motors, we have a fire rate a little faster than 4 balls a second

How do you get your ~8:1 external ratio?

5-1 external, speed internal

@ThunderRobotics They said two turbo motors, so it is probably 3-1 external, but that is also closer to a 7-1 overall.

Could also be 5/3 with gears with 2-1 with sprockets with turbos

That’s true, @skittles lover doesn’t say whether it’s overall or external.

Sorry guys aha its a 5:3 compounded 5:1 external, overall its about 16:1 we can also shoot rapid fire from midfield, our furthest shot is at the top of the triangle. The only problem with this low of a gearing is that as you increase in distance your recover time drastically decreases (from bar to mid it is the exact same fire rate but each time you increase the distance behind midfield the fire rate decreases drastically.)

Try 1:25 for single flywheel with two motors. That’s currently what our single flywheel is using. Watch out for friction!!!