BarLocks for 1/4 HD shafts

Does anyone know how you tie the shaft of the larger heavy duty 1/4 inch drive shafts to a piece of structural metal. Like for a power transfer mechanism on a scissor lift, for example. The big plastic 84t gears already have the 1/4 inch square hole when you remove the insert. They have the bar locks for the 1/8 shafts. Seem like they are made of a harder metal(stainless???) we need this for competition and have some creative solutions but they are not VEX legal.

Any help would be appreciated.

Currently we do not have a bar lock for the high strength shaft, but it may become a product in the future.

Using the current parts, the most compact way to connect a high strength shaft to a structural component is using a 36 tooth gear. If this isn’t strong enough there are 2 main options:

  1. Use one of the new 84t gears. Last year these gears were re-engineered to handle even more torque.

  2. Double high strength gears up (i.e. stack them).

let me know if you have any further questions,


Ok, we will try that. We have a metal fab shop here on campus, just know we will get shot down w/ illegal (no-Vex) part problem if we make our own by a judge or a team leader somewhere where we compete. Fair enough. Thanks for the speedy reply.

Solution worked fine, no illegal parts violations issued and we brought back two trophies. We need to improve our autonomous!!! Only issue we had is the gear solution is so wide, and it takes up a lot of horizontal space when you use a left and right gear. A 2mm (thickness) metal barlock sure would be nice.
Thanks again for the solution.

I’m glad that you found a solution that works for you. I’ll be sure to bring up the idea of a high strength bar lock during our next product development meeting.