Just wondering, how does a barlock work?? I never really bought a pack of them, but i was thinking of purchasing them to give my drive shafts a little extra support and strength. Sometimes it falls out if my robot gets a little rough.

For the barlocks i know you have to screw the screws in at the holes, but what about the squares? Are they just so tight that once you push your drive shaft through them they don’t let it out of grip?

Thanks for all your help in advance

Bar locks don’t lock a shaft in place. They have a square hole with allows them to lock drive shafts so you can spin metal plates or arms. They are basically a metal version of the bar locks found in the vex kit. If you want to lock a drive shaft in place use a collar.

Bar Lock: 2 circular holes on either end and 3 square ones (for square bars) in the middle. It isn’t impossible to get a bar in or out but like Lowfategg said, use collars. O]]]O

I find them much better for use on high stress areas i.e. an arm.
The ones included in the vex kit are prone to slipping/stripping whereas the barlocks won’t do so unless under insane amounts of stress.

Thanks for the help guys.