Barrier Climbing problems

Hello, I had a problem when testing my robot’s ability to climb the barrier. We have been using the gear ratio 36:84 with 4 motors (shown below) and the amount of spacing in between the gears was the perfect length for it to get stuck climbing the barrier. I wanted to know if there was a better orientation that minimized the amount of space between each gear, or if there is a better solution (new gear ratio, wings, elevated surface, etc.) Thanks!

This season, a lot of teams are using sleds. It’s pretty much an addition to the end of your drive that allows for the drive to go over the barrier much easier.

But there are tons of designs for this, I’d recommend looking into some robots online and picking one that would fit your robot. There are a LOT of videos on youtube too.

I’ve attatched some pictures of different designs that teams are using below.


Thank you for the response, but that wasn’t our main problem. Getting on the barrier is fine, however continuing to drive over it without getting stuck is the biggest issue. Sorry if I wasn’t clear before.

You could do a quick proof of concept by extending the c-channels to fill the gaps - essentially add another c-channel to your frame below the existing one. See if it works.



We used a similar gear ratio, but offset the gear s to to minimize gap, hope this helps.


Our team used a sled-like structure below the drive to get rid of the gap.

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something that worked for us was using a flex wheel as the center wheel. they have more grip so it won’t get stuck

Would having a 6 wheel base with 4 inch Omni’s on both front and back be fine with a center flex wheel. Would it compromise turning? Which is the best durometer flex wheel?

Yes, what you suggested is absolutely viable. The center flex wheel will not hurt your turning. The best durometer is absolutely up to opinion, most teams are using 30a

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This is something you can solve with research online (Youtube, or even using the search bar here).

And, you can also test and try to see what works best for you. Such as, I personally do not want a center flex/traction wheel due to preferring to drive drift drives.

So i tried this at my school’s 1 week summer camp and there was no issues with turning. And as far as durometers I used the 30a and it would just fine.