Base configuration

I have noticed many teams have had success with a six motor turbo drive on 3.25" wheels. I was wondering has anyone had any success with a six motor turbo drive on 4" wheels?

If your robot is not overly heavy, you should be able to easily run turbo six motor on 4 inch wheels.

My robot was 16 pounds without batteries and it was fine on turbo 4 inch wheels, 6 motors. Drop center drive btw.

We haven’t run it ourselves, however we have extensive experience running against Haverford robots with 6 motor 4" turbo drop centers (169A being the most prominent.) They are super lightweight (no pneumatics) and they run a 4 motor arm and 2 motor claw and hang like every other claw bot. Their drive base is the fastest out there at 50in/sec which is amazing and because of drop center, theirs turns are fast, but they’ve certainly had their problems. They slept over at the school where our states was hosted because they were up so late trying to fix problems regarding PTCs tripping.

If you want to go for a 6 motor 4" turbo drop center bot, here are my recommendations:

  • Have extra motors and an easy way to replace them.
  • Have several cans of air ready to go to cool down motors (this was a serious problem.)
  • Know how to drive efficiently. Nothing will kill this robot more then making inefficient maneuvers.

Keep in mind all of my statements are based on the assumption you are going for a high capacity claw (which obviously puts more strain on the motors.) If you aren’t, then you’ll have no problems, but no need for 6 motors. :slight_smile:

Since this is a question my team frequently has, I’ve been messing around with an estimator spreadsheet. If I were more serious about it, I would do the math and find what weight hits the 4.8 stall amps at a given configuration… but I just fiddled around with some constants until the numbers “looked right.”

Looks like this:

Enjoy at your own risk.
weightEstimator.xlsx (11 KB)

I never had that much trouble. 6 motors should be plenty for that ratio. There’s a team in our state that runs turbo 4 inch with 4 motors and they never burn out. They do have a very light bot and use compressed air before matches though.

We have a front claw bot we have been working on and experimented with a 6 motor turbo with the 4 inch wheels, our bot is 16 pound and ran great unless you had to turn fast or push, we are now experimenting with the 3.25 inch wheels and have no issues!