Base Lift Ideas

Does anyone know of a way to attach a mobile base lift on a robot that has a 4 motor base, with no chain? Its kind of right in our way, but we dont like chain because they slip pretty easily. we have one on the back of our robot, but we want it to be on the front so we can use our preloads. thanks! we currently use a dbr4 arm bar.

There are many ways to attack a mobile goal lift to the front of your robot. If you look at many of the reveals on youtube, you can see many different ways, however most use a 4 bar. Here’s a few to look at:

VEX In The Zone || 9065C Reveal
1970K (Knight Shift) & 8675A (Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0) Dual Reveal | VEX In The Zone
315X VEX In the Zone Fall Reveal

To be able to help with your specific case pictures of your robot may help. From the videos I shared though teams use 1 motor in the center of the chassis or 2 between the wheels (I think the videos used 1:5 or 1:7 gear ratios) to move the 4 bar. The bars are positioned with one as close to the front of the robot as possible and another more towards the center.

I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but I assume you are referring to a motor.

There are no ways that I know of, but if you decide to use chain in the back, I would recommend looking at 8059A in the SingVex reveal on the forums or on YouTube.

Edit: there is one way, like phantom robotics. They planted their four bar inwards and then had the mobile goal intake spread outwards.