Base Motors Burnout

Hi I am from team 4221B and I have a 2:1 sprocket ratio for my drive, and The motors do burn out in the first 30 seconds. I have changed all my robot to aluminum. Is there a way to make the motor not burnout.

Having a 2:1 gear ratio on your can be very weak however at the same time can be beneficial.

I would suggest either reducing the weight on your robot by removing unnecessary metal or ensuring that your drive motors are internally geared for torque if they are not already.

If none of these work and the burning out continues I would then suggest thinking about changing the gear ratio to one slightly stronger to stop the burning out from occurring.

Are you using 2 motors for each side?
And also, make sure that your motors are 393.

I haven’t ever seen a team not realize they werent using 393’s…

I’ve been to a competition with robots with no drives at all…lol.

Some people think that is a legitimate strategy, full court shooter and lift. I’m not saying good teams do this but it might be a good strategy for some teams…

just put it on a turntable and you will rock everything but skills with the right teammate. And you can mortar the other teams stacks and anger their field robot if you have awesome code :slight_smile: and a flywheel or angular for a puncher

I would recommend trying to allocate your motors over to a four motor base if it is crapping out on you. Also double check on how you have your motors connected into your cortex. Something alot of teams overlook is the two separate breakers that are in the cortex. Your two breakers are from 1-5 and 6-10 so try to consider that. If you really want to solve your motor from crapping out, invest in a base that uses four motors. Other than that, look for possible areas where unwanted friction is occurring. Perhaps your intake system of the balls affects the base in some way and further causing to crap out.

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