Base Motors Problem


Hello everyone who looks at this. My team is having a huge problem with our base. We have a 4 speed motor base. Our robot weights just under 21lbs. But the gears inside the motors are breaking, as seen in the photos I have attached. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and knows a solution. In the comp we had yesterday the very last match, finals 1-2, the motors started to make a really back clicking sound from our base. Any help would be nice. Thank you in advance.


Your robot is WAY too heavy. The inertia that the robot is trying to counter then changing directions is causing that.


that really doesn’t look good. is there a lot of weight put on the motors, or on the shafts connected to the motors? that might have something to do with it. if not, It could be from particles inside the motor, or the gear interlocking with the broken ones have been damaged? or just try greasing the motor gears.


My team was thinking of use the clutches, but how good do they work?


Do not use those. Your robot needs to shed a few pounds


How many pounds do you thing we need to shave?


Your robot shouldn’t weigh more than 18 lbs, but you should try for 17 or 16


@Team 9551B I suggest switching parts of the frame to aluminum. It made our bot much lighter. Just make sure the base is still heavier so you don’t tip.


@The Programmer Our whole robot is made of aluminum


what kind of bot do you have?


@ranOOm We have a 4 motor base (speed), 1 motor MG lift 1:9 (torgue), 4 motor DR4B (torque), 2 motor chain bar 3:5 (torque), and a 1 motor claw (torque). our whole robot is 20.4 lbs


Are you using two bearings on each axle of the drive? and are the motors under any pressure from the shafts?


We do use 2 berrings and the motors are not pressure. We believe it is from the inertia of driving around. Was just wondering how we could fix this problem.


I’m sure an image of the bot (specifically the base) would help…


@Dormeda I don’t have one now but i can put some up monday. As i have to replace those gears on monday.


My robot is also 20 lbs (all aluminum). From my experience, dont use 4 HS motors for base. Stick to torque. Kinda slow but stability over speed.


You could also try doing a 2 motor dr4b and a 6 motor HS drive. That woukd work.


or a 5 motor HS drive…




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