"base motors stop working" copied from Official Tech Support

I moved this from the Official forums because they are not going to respond until January 5th (they are on a break).

Now for the problem, your motors are overheating and tripping their PTC’s. This video should explain it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYo7G9txsQc&list=UUbKEWfpD5e2Ak9GTGFsUHsA

JPearman can also elaborate on all the details :smiley:

Are they geared for speed or torque? It could be that there is too much load on your drive motors and late in the day they are getting overheated.

Also, it is possible for only your drive to stop, but your lift still work fine. There are two reasons for this.

If you are tripping the internal motor PTC, then only the motors being overworked will stop.

Or, you may be tripping the PTC’s in the Cortex. There is one PTC for ports 1-5, and another for ports 6-10. Therefore it is possible to lose power to all ports 1-5 OR 6-10 at the same time.

If you are tripping the PTC’s in the Cortex, but only in later matches, you can get some coolant spray for your motors. The best solution, of course, is to let your motors cool off if you have time, so use the spray sparingly and as a last resort.

From my response in the official Q&A: