base not moving straight

Hi! Our team is now building our second robot for the season. We just finished our base. It has 6 high speed motors all connected with chain. When we tested our base yesterday, we noticed that our base moves to the right when it’s supposed to be going straight. I did put one additional washer on the right side of the chain drive, so I’m thinking of getting rid of that, but does it matter that much? Or could our motors have any problem?

It is most likely a case of not having the same amount of friction on both sides of the drive.

if you aren’t using any PID control or anything than this is probably the case

Make sure the chain is tensioned the same on both sides. And that you didn’t really mess up and build one side a hole off or something.

Also, Check the support under the base. We had a base that wouldn’t drive straight because it was sagging in the middle.

Most robots have some sort of drift because not every motor is the exact same, this is easily counteracted in driver control but in auton you’ll need a PID of some sort