Base Reveal

The Pdfs show our base idea. It’s a four bar that will have sort of a puncher to push the cubes and stars outward over the fence and in the far zone. It will be able to have off of the four bar because the base is very light, making it easy to pick up with the four bar. Any thoughts, comments, or ideas to improve it?
Vex16-17(2).pdf (293 KB)
VEX16-17(3).pdf (172 KB)
VEX16-17(4).pdf (220 KB)
VEX16-17.pdf (234 KB)

i cant understand your design completely. In your CAD it looks like your intake is a scoop with a backing many people use in backward dumpers. But your intake is mounted on the bar in the linkage that stays perpendicular to the floor the whole time. Which mean if your initial robots function were to dump backward… it would not work. Unless your robot is going to pick up element with the scoop and then just drop them over the fence similar to a claw design…

@Duke4221c The slip gear mechanism is a puncher that punches the items off of the pick up base

ohh okay… my bad. sorry i jjst couldnt understand at the moment. Very interesting design. Hope i goes well.

Thanks @Duke4221c

Isn’t that a 6 bar?

Yea I done goofed I noticed it the other day after I posted. Never bothered changing it