Basic Getting Started Questions

Hi there, I found the document for starting a team, etc, but it didn’t seem to answer my basic questions - can someone help clarify…

1 - I am interested in starting a team (Vex RC?) as essentially a coach - my daughter and some friends are 14, or turned 15 this year - but we/they are not affiliated with a school, or club, or whatever, just an independent group of kids.
Is that acceptable?

2- seems it may be a bit late to start - I saw lots of kit stuff on the products pages at vex robotics - but honestly, I’m not sure what all we’d need to buy to compete - there doesn’t seem to be a basic list ( I know it’s probably build your own robot within the parameters of size and legal limits, etc) but there doesn’t seem to be a basic starter kit - help??

3 - the reason we are choosing VEX over First is that the finals were in Anaheim near us - is that changing??

Thank you so much for any help.


Hi Kevin,
I’m glad to hear you’re interested in starting a team.
It seems like the community is glad to hear it also – they’ve started an “unofficial” response to this thread which has lots of great information for you:

To get better and direct answers to your questions, I hope you’ll consider reaching out to your local REC Foundation representative. You can find them here:

The REC Foundation is the non-profit organization which runs the VEX Robotics Competition. Their regional managers can help you get your team started, and are the best source of information on the competitions.

You’re definitely asking the right questions!

  1. Yes, it is absolutely acceptable to start a team not affiliated with a school or club. There are lots of VERY successful programs involved in the competition who run things this way.

  2. Everyone has different needs. To a certain extent it depends on what “level” of robot you’re looking to build. We usually recommend that those getting started with VEX take a look at our Classroom & Competition line if kits:

In particular, the Super Kit is very popular with beginning programs:

That kit has a great foundation of all the stuff you’ll need to compete. Of course as you look to expand functionality you may find yourself looking at other available add-ons, but the Super Kit has our most popular grouping of items.

  1. The REC Foundation announced that the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship is moving to a new location for 2015, but has not yet announced this location. However, there are still TONS of local competitions in your area.

I recommend you reach out to the REC Foundation Regional Manager in your area so they can help lay out all your options for places to compete.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Good luck as you get started, and thanks for your interest in VEX!](

Thank you - your answers are very helpful - and I’ve checked out the other post.

What a great community. Thanks!