Basic Help With PROS

I just downloaded pros and opened up a template, and I’m getting an error saying ‘main.h’ file not found in the #include “main.h” line.

#include “main.h”


  • Runs the operator control code. This function will be started in its own task

  • with the default priority and stack size whenever the robot is enabled via

  • the Field Management System or the VEX Competition Switch in the operator

  • control mode.

  • If no competition control is connected, this function will run immediately

  • following initialize().

  • If the robot is disabled or communications is lost, the

  • operator control task will be stopped. Re-enabling the robot will restart the

  • task, not resume it from where it left off.
    void opcontrol() {
    pros::Controller master(pros::E_CONTROLLER_MASTER);
    pros::Motor left_mtr(1);
    pros::Motor right_mtr(2);
    while (true) {
    pros::lcd::print(0, “%d %d %d”, (pros::lcd::read_buttons() & LCD_BTN_LEFT) >> 2,
    (pros::lcd::read_buttons() & LCD_BTN_CENTER) >> 1,
    (pros::lcd::read_buttons() & LCD_BTN_RIGHT) >> 0);
    int left = master.get_analog(ANALOG_LEFT_Y);
    int right = master.get_analog(ANALOG_RIGHT_Y);

     left_mtr = left;
     right_mtr = right;


Try building the project first by pressing on the third to last icon in the top row of the editor.

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What operating system are you using? I’m assuming that you’re using PROS Atom. You may have not allowed Atom to install the necessary dependencies for PROS.

It is likely someone else has had your same issue.
Please search on the forum:

In short, its not a real error and you should ignore it.

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