Basic parts to use for the challange

Hello, so my son (5th grade) has made his schools vex iq team. His school has every part in the world x10. What I would like to be able to do is allow him to do building at home separately to build his knowledge/skill as well without breaking the bank. I know there is no one set build for the competition and the idea is to explore and build, I just want to make sure I have enough base pieces for him to do that. I’ve scored some good deals on the main robot kit (750 piece 228-4444) and the foundation add on, as well as adding omni-wheels and some other sensors.

What I was looking to see is if I need another motor or two, gears, chain/sprockets, smart radios, ect or anything else?

Thanks for the help!

there’s a competition add-on that has a 2 motors, 2 omni wheels, and chain/sprockets/treads, etc. The only other thing I might suggest is a second battery.

I think you have pretty much everything you need if your goal is to give your son the ability to build his knowledge and skills. The only things that I don’t see here are the sprockets, chain, and tank treads. I thought these are sold separate from the competition add on kit… don’t want you to spend $100 if you don’t need to. But again, there’s so much you can do with what you already have, your son will have a lot of experience. I don’t think it would be necessary to get other kits or parts (just my opinion).

With the other sensors you got, I hope one of them is the gyro. Best ones for your son to learn are the gyro and color.