basic programming help

basicly im learning programming (im normally mechanical) anyways i had four motors connected to wheels and this worked fine with all 4 working, then when i changed it to two motors on the base and 2 on the arm but the channel 5 ones dont work is there something im missing or what? thx for helping a noob lol

task main()

bMotorFlippedMode[port2] = true;
bMotorFlippedMode[port8] = true;

while (1 == 1)
	motor[port2] = vexRT(Ch2);
	motor[port3] = vexRT(Ch3);
	motor[port8] = vexRT(Ch5);
	motor[port7] = vexRT(Ch5);



Are you using the VEXnet Joysticks for this program? If so, note that there’s no “Ch5” on there, which could explain the problem. Ch5 is a value that’s accessible on the older Radio Control Transmitter.

Buttons on the VEXnet Joysticks are accessed using the letters “Btn”, followed by the number closest to the buttons, and finally the letter etched into the button. For example “vexRT[Btn7D]” would allow you to access the value of the Down button in Group 7. Also note that buttons only have a value of 0 (not pressed) or 1 (pressed), so you can’t directly apply their values to motors which have a range of -127 to 127.

Check out the videos in the Remote Control section of the VEX Cortex Video Trainer for helpful info: