Basic Ring Collection Ideas

Hey, i was just wondering if anyone had a simple ring collection design. Our team is a new team and we just have a base MOBY design with a custom arm that can only pick up one at a time. We are probably screwed but I just thought I would ask. Thanks

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How long do you have to make this design? Also, do you still have motors to work with?

5 days, (parts came in late)
2-4 probably but probably closer to 2
I know its a long shot

If you have 5 days until comp, I would recommend making sure you have few good autons , skills paths, and lots of driver practice. If you are dead set on scoring rings or already have the aforementioned things, then I would check out my team’s hook conveyor. It is decently fast, uses 1 motor, and relatively simple.

Early season prototype:

In action:


Rings are quite hard to get working, so if you have limited time I wouldn’t bother with it. Your time would be better spent practicing and perfecting autons. If you are still using the moby base, I would recommend trying to add another pair of motors to make it stronger.


Thanks, nice bots btw

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I believe I have a solution for you. Today was my school’s “debut” in the world of VEX, so I will give you a picture of the robot we competed with.
We’ve made some small modifications since this picture was taken. We obtained permission to test the robot while viewing an event, and now today was our first competition. Outside of that, we only had 2 rings and no mobile goals or field to test our robot with. We placed 15 out of 23, winning our first elimination match (and losing the second). Overall reliable for not having tested it. Simple concept, somewhat easy build, with slight tweaking.
If you would like more details, specs, or have questions, please DM me. I would be happy to share!


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