Basic V5 motor rpm debugging


From the brain, you can start up a single motor and see a few stats including rpm. Does that RPM take into account the cartridge that is in the motor, or for the 200rpm insert would you multiply the number by 2?


No you have to program the cartridges into the code. So they all are 200 rpm when you first get the brain.

We were running a flywheel off of one V5 motor and the Brain debug shows it was running at about 100 rpm with the 200 rpm cartridge. So I multiply that by 2 for the cartridge then multiply by the gear ratios to get the speed of the wheel?

I wouldn’t necessarily trust what the brain display says…

It could mean that the motor just can’t spin that fast with the load you have applied. The brain debug screen should be accurate to the ACTUAL speed of the motor if you have the correct gear cartridge specified. This could be different than the speed that is commanded.

What color cartridge is in the motor?