Baton Rouge

Are their any teams near Baton Rouge Louisiana?

This might help you out as long as it is up-to-date. It looks like the only teams from Baton Rouge is 683, 1988, and 9641C. Team 780 is right down the road in Port Allen.

Use Nate Allen’s tool to search. Very useful to search, not as great to visualize without parsing the resulting JSON.

There appear to be 7 teams registered from Baton Rouge. I do not know the area well enough to know what is near Baton Rouge. However that robot event link said there are not any competitions near you. Easy enough to rectify - host one (or two)!

You can do all sorts of tricks with his DB. Start here to learn more.

Like for instance he found the largest set of like organizations (even though he used Queen’s English version of the word since he’s from New Zealand. It’s still really great.)

I would like to talk to some schools who are in the VEX nothing but net competition who are near Baton Rouge. My email is

You may have more luck reaching out to them as they may not be on the forums.

Ask you local RECF representative to get contact info for a specific team. Ask for specific team contacts you found in the team list.

You may have some luck getting to those teams in robtoevents as well. Go to the event set up place in robotevents to get to your region’s list of teams via:

You can also set up an event there too (hint hint! easiest way to get them to come to you!)