Batterie red and green lights on at same time

green and red lights are on at the same time.
my friend and I were messing with wires and “accidentally” connected the positive to negative and it started blinking rapidly then froze. Is this fixable?

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try putting it on the charger. it probably just a failsafe

This Article tells you how to interpret battery lights


Is it the 1st and 4th LEDs? What happens if you connect it to the Brain? Does it load the firmware?
Are you able to run the Battery Medic tool from the stand alone firmware updater?

yes, dosent turn on, no ,and not sure what that is

do the lights go out if you leave it alone for a few minutes ? This may be one of the rare times that using the reset button is required.

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im not there rn but it didn’t go out for the last 5 min i was there

ill test the reset button tomorrow if that doesn’t work then we still have 3 more.