Battery Charging - Keep docked in charger or not?

We have found that the battery loses charge when taken off the charger and stored (even for just a day).

Some batteries wear out if kept charging after the battery is charged (like some phones).

Should the battery be kept in the charger (green charged light mode) until used or should the battery be removed from the charger after the light turns green (meaning charged)?


Mrs B.

The Robot Battery uses Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery cells, which have many positive traits for small mobile robot use. However, NiMH cells do have a higher self-discharge rate (they slowly discharge even if they aren’t being used) compared to other types of batteries. This self-discharge rate is low, but over an extended period (over 4-6 months) can deplete the Robot Battery.

We recommend that you remove the Robot Battery from the Robot Brain when not in use, and at least once a month or two recharge the Robot Battery. While the Robot Battery will not be harmed by leaving it on the Robot Battery Charger, the Robot Battery should only be charged under adult supervision.


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