Battery Charging station builds

So I’m working on battery stations for my teams, or giving them ideas of stations to build. I was wondering what others students looked like.

The Husky Bag has worked best for us. The big wood thing did not work well in transporting it and wanting chargers at home then competitions.

Bag is pretty cheap and ridiculously easy!

Agreed! I gave one of these bags as a prize for summer session for best engineering notebooks.

We have an elaborate Rigid Tool Case as a battery charging station, but the Husky route is simple and economical solution.

We are working on a CNC milled clam shell version now. Should have pics up next week.

Our charging station is actually rather simple, but it is effective. Here is our materials list:

Simply secure everything to the MDF using your means of choice (we use a combination of hot glue for the dish drainer, staples for wire management and indirectly the chargers, and screws for the power strip). When charging batteries, they go between the ‘upside-down U-shaped, sticking-up portions’ of the dish drainer, skipping every other gap. Route the wires so they go through one side of the dish drainer to connect to the batteries.

I know this was a terrible description. I’ll upload a picture tomorrow if I remember.

We build a robot that will carry our batteries for us! :3
We call it battery bot ^^

Then we have a toolbox with battery compartments
We call that battery Box xD

we bought a cheap toolbox ,some zip ties ,power strip and you are done.