battery clip

How effective are the batter clips. Do they break easy? Are they prone to being in the way?

In my experience they work quite well and hold the battery solid. One of the other teams managed to break one, the only reason is cracked was because he fell off a ramp and hit a piece of metal really hard with clip.(his batteries are under his robot). But I haven’t had any issues with mine.

We along with Tylennis Haven’t had any problems with them and like them as they are easier to mount than just zip tying the batteries to a random place around the cortex as we did last year :slight_smile:

They’re amazing.

Especially when paired with the Battery extension cables. Between those battery clips and extension cables, it’s been much easier to mount the batteries. Now switching out batteries has been less of a hassle and teams aren’t pulling the wires out of the batteries as much as they used to.

As a mentor, it has always caused me emotional pain to see batteries hanging off of robots or dragging across the ground. The battery clips seem to alleviate most of that distress. We use them on our 6 robots and have yet to have one break.

10/10 would buy again.

I personally love the new clips. Yet to break any, and they provide a neat and easy way to keep our batteries from dragging on the floor

None of our 6 teams have broken our clips. They are amazing when combined with the extension cables because this allows you to mount your batteries anywhere with ease and speed. They haven’t gotten in the way yet, I actually have used them as places to tie down rubber bands and hold back wires.

I would highly recommend buying some.

Speaking of battery extension cables, we have made it standard to use the extension cables on all our cortex’s battery ports…we have one cortex that has a worn-out battery connector, so the now extension cables will wear out instead of the cortex’s battery connectors.