Battery clips Question and Input

How many V5 Battery clips do you use on your robot?

Please fill it out I need your input for a CAD design I want to make.

  • 1 Battery Clip
  • 2 Battery Clips
  • 3 Battery Clips
  • 4 Battery Clips
  • 5 Battery Clips
  • 6 Battery Clips

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Could you make 0 an option?


Battery clips are relativily strong when built properly, there is no reason to have to use battery clips for all 6 of the battery’s bezels, as it would also be very difficult to mount and remove.


Also I need an option for 65 clips, my robot is built with nothing but battery clips.

Jk 2 battery clips is the norm. I’d recommend using 2.


We need an option for no battery as well

I made a custom battery slot with a gate so I don’t use any. If I were to use them I would use 2. any more seems like overkill.