Battery exploded

Ive had motor controllers catch on fire. I caught a Cortex on fire but I have never seen a battery explode. Is there any warranty towards this? Its a relatively new battery. I suspect its the charger since it should protect against this kind of thing. I have attached a photo of the battery.

What sort of charger do you use?

We have never caught anything on fire. You must have very bad luck, or we are just lucky.

From what I see in the picture that looks like a NiCad battery which dates it a bit. Was the charger on safe or fast? The 2000mah. NiCad batteries should ONLY be charged on “Safe”.

I’m sorry to hear about your battery failure. Please contact our support folks so they can help diagnose the issue, and also get you some replacement equipment.

How did you catch a Cortex on fire?

Our club has had smoking motor controller before but never fire. I don’t think we ever found out specifically why it started smoking.

I can’t imagine how you could have managed to do that. To be honest, I could imagine some plastic melting, although I’ve never seen it, but not fire. What did you do to cause that?

How have you even mannaged to get anything (VEX) on fire???

We once connected a battery to a faulty power expander and the whole thing shorted out and caught fire. The wires were all charred with the insulation completed melted off. The white connectors on the battery and power expander were also completely melted

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That sucks man. :frowning: Sorry to hear that Devin. Come see us soon on a Friday some time!

hi, this is not the first time i have seen a battery like this, before when i used to build RC cars etc, i was using a 9.7v 1800mah, ni-mh battery pack, this batterypack was working fine for months, then suddenly i was charging it one day and it expanded, got really hot and started to fizz as the casing on the cables melted, then battery acid leaked out, at the time it was diagnosed to be a charger malfunction as too many volts were going into the battery when charging and caused it to well DIE ! …

these batteries were Eztec batteries …

Just a note about charging batteries. In almost all circumstances a battery manufacturer will advise their product should never be charged when hot. So if you’ve just finished a match and the batteries are more than lukewarm never put them on charge straight away, especially fast charging.

Fortunately rechargeable cells are designed to fail in a safe manner and should always “pop” at the ends however when in a confined end to end arrangement sometimes the failure mode can be different.

Look after your batteries and if you think something is up, such as reduced capacity or getting really hot in 1 area during charging, then there’s probably at least 1 cell that’s gone bad. Under these circumstances the risk of failure during charging is much higher and it’s time to take it out of service (remember to recycle it properly!). Series connected battery packs rely on having all cells at about the same capacity/state and the charger can’t tell the difference if 1 cell is a dud.

It surprises me there’s no inline fuse with these batteries. Maybe that could be a good safety enhancement VEX make one day.